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bath_concept_thumb1The QUALITY CONCEPT of Sign is presented with a renovated furnishing spirit in order to transform the bathroom into a space with strong identity, a place where you can live, share, tell, imagine and dream. All this is triggered by a detail, surely by the style, not to mention the intense and unique projectual lines. A new point of view, where product, collection and item come together as COMPLETE FURNISHINGS FOR THE BATHROOM. A complete and transversal idea in which the CONCEPT ROOMS convey our attention to the NEW LINEARITY, the new MATERIAL FINISHING and a NEW FORMAL EXPRESSION OF MATERIALITY, all expressed through VERY STRONG MATERIC AND CROMATIC matching.


artigianalita_industrialeCraftwork and industry. The high quality concept emerges as a suitable interpretation of Sign’s mission: plan and produce to turn quality into a crucial feature, establish a strong “synergy” between manufacturing technicalities, design and material. This is one of the characterising features of all collections, machinery is pushed to the limit not to optimise production in terms of quantities but to achieve extreme technical solutions, craft-worked in concept but only achievable by mean of perfectly automated systems.


matericita_formaleFormal contrast of different materials. Sign products are mainly natural concepts that combine and contrast different materials and effects, with details that instantly hint to its top-of-the-range positioning: it is complexly simple in its design.


extremely_italianExtremely Italian is a main concept that interprets the new vision/philosophy of Sign. All stages, from the research of style and formal design to manufacturing, are wholly followed up internally, with the collaboration of architects and designers who contribute to creating a product for a medium-to-high target, that is definitely interested in an exclusive product and unique details.

company_thumb3Everything starts in Fossombrone, near Pesaro, birthplace of the Italian furniture production, where over more than 30 years, a local production supported a constantly evolving business, bringing the initial artisan experience to become a dynamic reality. We’re talking about BERLONI BAGNO, which since its inception has always been compared to international competitors (mainly European), a path that has allowed the company a strong development and especially strong learning in quality and work organization, overseeing commercially today, 38 countries in the world.

company_thumb2Armed with this experience, Giovanni Berloni, Mauro Berloni’s son founder and CEO of the Company, a cousin of the two brothers, the founders of the Gruppo Berloni SpA, in the last 4-5 years has focused on an ambitious and innovative project structuring and reviewing a very personal business, aimed at high-end market, now that “the world of the bathroom is increasingly conceived as furniture, departing from the technical, and where the contract is more and more a constant reality.” Important preconditions, which together with opportunity to experience firsthand the daily production, its aspects, its amount, and the continuous search for their optimization, have provided to create SIGN in 2003, a growing presence in the landscape BATH-BUILT-ENVIRONMENT, which today caters for 70% of the Northern European markets (with achievements even in the Arab countries and Caribbean areas) due to the production of systems furniture, sinks, bathtubs, shower trays, mirrors, lighting and accessories, which give a unique interpretation of the design of the form, marrying the instinct of the creative process to a very unic and combined materic use of natural stone, wood and ASTONE®, a composite material of the family of “solid surface” (such as Corian and Crystal Plant).

company_thumbs1Through the optimization of the enormous technical and productive potential of Berloni Bagno, and its over 15,000 square meters of production area (divided into 3 plants), then SIGN research new style languages ​​and new customization identities of the bathroom-environment, opening up infinite horizons of high-profile materic combinations, addressing to a different target, more sensitive to detail, line, materials and, later, at the price. For 10 years now, by the way, Italy is growing with strong prospects for this pesarese reality, with a strong international focus: this means great proactive for those who, like SIGN, already established a technical background made of concrete solutions to be put at the service of the market and to the most demanding customers, through integrated aesthetic and quality collections that makes the difference, thanks to an industrial craftsmanship with cutting and style “extremely italian”.