Sign studio

thumbs_studio11It is a personal philosophy of business partnership, that shows company joint potentials, products and dedicated project. It is an innovative design-exhibition concept repeated within a customer showroom, where material-product preparation and presentation follow entirely a SIGN project, maintained and developed by Giorgio Silla on Customer first briefing. The basic idea is to highlight the material following a “techncal” path (with a PLAY place well lit and comfortable workspaces) and a “performance” path to live and compare the materials.

thumbs_studio21There are, then, four environments that represent complete “bathroom projects”. Floors, walls, lighting, everything is designed with the customer-Distributor, stirring his needs with the Company knowledge of what and how to convey SIGN to showroom customers. In the concept-kit, the possibility to organize intense training days and meetings with all internal staff levels, from showrooms vendors to contract and project team.

thumbs_studio31To SIGN, the term “Studio” is a philosophy of thought in approaching projects and living products, a place where the its contents impact should not be yelled but meditated, where exhibition naturalness makes raised reactions emotionally deep. The space-project must communicate the feelings that gave birth to products, and the strong ties of continuity with the industrial handcraft, which becomes sartorial into spaces dedicated to finishing – backlit “libraries” that contain the material stone, wood , ASTONE®, crystal – everything can be touched, compared, mixed.